Thatching Brits, building hard Thatch Roofs

Thatch Roofs have made their way through the ages as a typical traditional South African style home or cozy facility feature that make us feel like we are on vacation or when we are on vacation, thatch roofs make us feel cool in the hot summer and relaxed as we take in the stunning African sky smelling the fresh open air as we laze around by a pool enjoying a Lapa area that gives us shade as we drink a refreshing ice tea.  The example of this scenery lets you know that a Thatch Lapa is what your need to finish your garden or set your heart on thatching a house of your dreams.

All of this is a reality with Thatching Brits, building hard Thatch Roofs is what we do.

Thatching Houses an international craze

Thatching Houses is one of the most popular designs that have been moving around the world and been an international craze for probably a century and South Africans have been using thatch as strong hardy cover for just as long because it is long-lasting and very weather hardy.  Give Thatching Brits a call today and speak to a thatching contractor about choosing a traditional thatch or a more modern design to suit your new project.

Thatching Brits
Thatching Brits

Thatch Lapa prices and Thatching Contractors

Thatch Lapa Prices with Thatching Brits are affordable and competitive in the thatch market today.  We have great package offers and will gladly give you a free quote with all of our knowledgeable Thatching Contractors at hand your dream Thatch braai area can happen without breaking the bank.  Our Thatch Roof Prices will get you sold on Thatch.

Thatched Garden Gazebos hardy garden umbrellas

Thatched Garden Gazebos are like hardy garden umbrellas, suitable for small gardens and large grounds as a resting area for guests to get out of the sun or an afternoon thundershower.  Speak to Thatching Brits and ask us about all the great styles and prices of Thatched Gazebos.  Get yours today for our great bargain package prices.

Thatching Companies we offer Thatch Repairs

It is the job of a good Thatch contractor to make sure the thatch you have is strong for years to come.  You may be at the stage where you need to replace reeds or timber as the strong thatch roof you have requires it’s maintenance.  Thatching companies offer Thatch Repairs.  Choose Thatching Brits as our expert team is efficient and can help you immediately fixing any thatch leaks or broken features.

We do more than Thatch Roofs. Pools, boreholes, and Irrigation

Do you need a good service provider that has specialists in looking after your outdoor area?  Is your pool pump broken?  Ask us about swimming pool repairs and our maintenance options.  Thatching Brits can also assist you with other repairs like Borehole Repairs and on the subject of water, we can repair and install Irrigation systems for any size property.

Call Thatching Brits and speak to us about our Instant Lawn and Landscaping deals and offers.

Thatching Klerksdorp
Thatching Klerksdorp

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